Help Build Hope At A Glance




A Help Build Hope event brings this experience to the parking lot of your business, meeting, convention, church or school.


During the event, participants frame walls for a home that are then donated to a partnering organization. The walls are transported to the partnering organization who is responsible for the completion of the project.


The demand for safe, affordable housing is enormous. In the United States, almost two million people live with a hole in their roof, 3.7 million live with broken windows and 2.5 million live in a house where the foundation is crumbling beneath them. Just over one million people live without complete plumbing facilities. (Source: American Housing Survey, U.S. Census Bureau, 2005)

Help Build Hope projects assist families living in substandard housing like those described above. Help Build Hope partners with host businesses and partnering organizations like Habitat for Humanity or The Fuller Center for Housing.  Through Help Build Hope projects, we assist partnering organizations to eliminate poverty housing.


Help Build Hope events provide a great format for teamwork, corporate social responsibility while having fun and leaving a lasting impact in the community.


The Fuller Center for Housing

Habitat for Humanity


Help Build Hope is designed to be flexible and may be customized. The schedule below is a suggestion to aid in determining the the flow of events.   * designates optional programming

Day 1

3:00pm  Set up

4:00pm    Pre-cut all lumber

6:00pm    Team Leader Training

7:00pm    Clean Up

Day 2

8:00am     * Breakfast

8:45am     Instruction & Inspiration

9:30am     Morning Work Detail

12:00pm   * Lunch

1:30pm     Afternoon Work Detail (Standing home)


Help Build Hope partners with businesses, meetings, conventions, churches and schools and can range in size from one to thirty or more housing units. The number of units is determined by the hosting organization. We recommend between 80-120 participants per housing unit.


Costs vary according to season, region of country, project size and discounts from suppliers and are subject to change. The estimate below reflects costs for a single housing unit. Materials generally comprise the single largest cost . We recommend that you contact someone in your church and/or a local business connected to a lumber yard and/or hardware store. They might be able to provide materials at reduced rates.  Event Expenses: $7,000 to $9,000 (includes materials, wall transportation, tools, equipment, Help Build Hope fees and donation to receiving organization)


Help Build Hope will arrange transportation of the structures.


The host business or organization is responsible for providing or securing housing for Help Build Hope Staff.


The host business or organization provides all food and preparation of meals.


Help Build Hope events are open for all ages.