Did You Know? We Need You!

Most people think we have the coolest job, and we’d agree! We get to travel all across the country, working with great partner churches and businesses. In 2018 we literally went Coast to Coast, having events in Portland, Oregon in the northwest to Richmond, Virginia on the east coast. We will be expanding that reach further in 2019.

While we love what we do, most people don’t know that all of our Help Build Hope Staff raise their own salary. What does that mean??? It means that each of us have individuals or churches that believe in what we do and give some type of monetary gift so that we can continue to work for Her Build Hope. Only a very small portion of the funds that it costs to do a Help Build Hope event goes to pay our staff. This means that we are all responsible for providing for our families through individual support.

To make it easier to understand, we all know of someone who works in a different country doing some type of mission work. Those missionaries livelihood are dependent on the funds that come from people who believe in the work that they are doing. While Help Build Hope staff are not working in different countries, we are missionaries here in the United States. Our livelihood is dependent on people who believe in what we are doing.

The Help Build Hope Staff are the nails that hold the program together. They believe in their mission and calling and invite others to be a part of what they are doing through Financial GIVING, PRAYER or PARTICIPATION.

As the first month of 2019 is almost over, will you please take a look at the picture of the families above and consider how you may be able to help? All your donations are tax deductible. Our ministry depends on the generous giving of people like you. We love being able to help provide affordable housing to different partners all across the country and would love if you would join us in this cause of making affordable house more affordable.