Thanks from Hopkinsville Habitat for Humanity

Below is a wonderful letter from the Hopkiinsville HFH.  They received one of the homes we built in Indiana during the Southeast event.  It is very rare that we get this heart felt of a thank you.  Normally it is just a form letter than I glance at and it goes into file 13.  


Here is what I am reminded of….. we don’t always know what our partners are dealing with or why they are or aren’t building homes.  But this is the impact that we get to have virtually EVERY WEEKEND. Please don’t let it every become ‘normal’ or ‘just another event’ or ‘just another house’.  I know that I have let myself get there sometimes but this letter is a great reminder and a shot in my arm to keep going. 

Habitat Letter_Page_1.jpg
Habitat Letter_Page_2.jpg